mercredi 21 novembre 2012

Gig at the Half Moon - Herne Hill London

"I have many fond memories of the Gymslips from hearing them for the 1st time on the John Peel show in 1982 through to seeing them about 30 odd times right up to the last gig in 1985."

Ray Hooper

Gig at the Herne Hill Half Moon :


Paula and Karen


Thanks a lot Ray for the photos and as you said , hope others contribute to this site.

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  1. Great to see this site I knew the girls around 1980-2, I auditioned for the ejected in E. London but I didnt like the swear words- (I was fourteen) Gary (Ejected) and Paula (gymslips) picked me up in a mk2 ford cortina from Leyton station for an audition at Allen Gordons studios. Paula said I should audition for killer koala a friend's (Donnica Coleman -ex rock goddess guitarist, Michelle chowramootoo drums)new band. I got in and stayed as the lead singer for around 18 months. Killer koala used to support the Gymslips (sometimes with the Dolly Mixtures headlining) at gigs, we did the Marquee, Dingwalls and Gymslips amongst others as well as Karens (gymslip drummer)brothers school fete. Great ladies! - introduced me to gin. When they needed a new member they talked to me about auditioning but decided I was too posh -not renee enough!!. I left killer koala to do my O levels - not v. rock and roll. Sadly didn't keep in touch with the girls hope they're doing ok now. Big kisses to all you renees out there- keep on rockin!!xx Jo