vendredi 30 décembre 2011

Renees Revenge ! 1983

Renees ?

"It's a term of a Small Faces record" explain Suzanne.

A "true Renee" says Paula "is someone who doesn't care about puttin' across a smart, flash image, just want to be themselves, goes out with the blokes and has a good laugh, anything. That's a Renee. A natural girl"

"When i was about 13, i got "48 crash" for me birthday off me brother" says Paula, "and i remember standing in me bedroom with a tennis racquet pretending to be Suzi Quatro" .

A cross between The Shangri-Las and The Sex Pistols ...


samedi 17 décembre 2011

POP RENEES ! from David Quantick

POP RENEES ! David Quantick
Brixton Fridge

(...)Punky Pop, when it was bad, was very very bad; but when it was good, it was GABBA GABBA HEY !

(...)For the first half of their set, and a little bit at the end, this was the best pop concert I ever went to ( and i've seen The Undertones !) .

(...) in their songs , you can hear something of Sham 69 (...), , you can hear Blondie (...) but most of all you can hear the best original sound in town ( and i've seen Gary Glitter !). (...)