mercredi 14 septembre 2011

Once upon a time ...

In august 1981 Suzanne Scott (bassist / vocalist), Paula Richards (guitarist / vocalist) and Karen Yarnell (drummer) played for the first time as a threesome under the name of The Gymslips.

The band had been going a year previous to that under the same name only with different members. Initially dressing up in schoolgirls clothing and having 'Stage names' like Gladys Ankle and Molly Mettle, the band supported the Dolly Mixtures on a UK tour.

Later on in 1981 an old Gymslips track was released on the allgirl compilation LP "Making Waves" and the band went on tour with the Androids of Mu & Rock Goddess.

In the spring of 1982 they recorded their first session for John Peel from which they got their record contract.

Their first single "48 Crash" (a cover of the Suzi Quatro hit)came out in november of that year and the follow up "Big sister" was released at the beginning of 1983.

April 1983 saw the release of their "Rocking with the Renees" LP which also saw the bad expand to a four piece with the addition of keyboardist Kathy Barnes.

With two further John Peel sessions, good reviews for the "Robot man" 45 and the release of the album in a different sleeve and with the tittle "Drink problem" especially for the American market .

The Gymslips future looked bright but twelve months of personnel and contractual problems led to Paula having to recruit a new line up and start all over again. With Karen Kay on bass, Sue Vickers on keyboards and Michelle Chowrimootoo on drums

The Gymslips recorded their final Peel session in the summer of '84 before issuing their last single "Evil eye" (produced by the Angelic Upstarts MOnd Cowie) in early 1985 and then calling it a day soon after it's release.
Suzanne Scott quit music alltogether whilst Karen Yarnell went onto join Serious Drinking and The Blubbery Hellbellies.
Paula Richards joined The Deltones and then Potato 5 before again teaming up with Yarnell in band called The Renees and issuing the LP "Have you got it" as well as contributing the track "He called me a fat pig and walked out on me" to the female only compilation "Postcard from Paradise".

Mixed of Gymslips CD 's insert (Captain Oi) and "Rocking with the Renees" LP 's insert.

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