dimanche 25 septembre 2011


There she stood at 45 a housewife through and through She saw her veins were sticking out and they were really blue She went to see a qpecialist to see what it was about He said look here you ugly cow you'd better have em out We're all into surgery a face lift everyday Cut things off and stick things on and hope that they will stay A big fat lump at 21 going thin on top He went down to the clinic to get a brand new mop Got a groovy cyrup of fig Oliver Cromwell make Everyone laughs as he goes by coz they all know it's a fake An Ester Rantzen lookalike with a goofy upper jaw When she kissed her boyfriend Pete his bottom lip went raw She went down to the dentist to have her teeth put straight They put em all in upside down now she's a right old state

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